What is this about?

iGROM is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Answer Set Programs specifically (or, rather, currently) those written in DLV (and its frontends) and Smodels. It is also a framework to write such editors for such languages.

What's in it for me?

Here are the feature highlights:

  • Based on the Eclipse platform - if you know it, you can just jump in, if you don't - it's easy to learn!
  • Freedom of choice - if you have no Eclipse installation, you can just download a stand-alone package and start coding. If you already use Eclipse, just install the plugins from our update site.
  • Programming support:
    • Organize your programs into projects - no more mess.
    • Syntax highlighting for DLV and its dialects,
    • Error detection for DLV and dialects - find out about syntax and semantic (safety etc.) problems as you type.
  • Testing, debugging and run support:
    • Register your interpreters, including defaults, simply in the preferences.
    • Create launch configurations with two clicks, and then save, edit, copy and share them - no more .bat and .sh files.
  • Use Eclipse's extension mechanisms. Want Subversion support, or some custom editor? No problem!

You can get a good feel on the possibilities by viewing the User Guide.

I want to see it!

You can see how iGROM looks the Gallery, and in the illustration-rich User Guide.

Where to get it?

See the Download Page for download and installation instructions, both as stand alone and as an Eclipse plugin. iGROM is completely free to use and open-source, as a subject to the EPL (Eclipse Public License).

How to use it?

See the User Guide.

I've found a bug/I've got a question!

Use our issue tracker and/or the forums.

I want to contribute!

See our Developer Guide.

And if you're wondering, iGROM is developed as a part of...

...the project Methods and Methodologies for Developing Answer-Set Programs, also known as "The M&M's of ASP", conducted at the Knowledge-Based Systems Group of the Institute of Information Systems at the Vienna University of Technology.