Common problems

1. Why can't I add my DLV interpreter?

You need a specific version for the DLV parser, and it's need to be named in a specific way (it may be a link file). Please see the User Guide for more information.

2. Why can't I add my Smodels interpreter?

You need a batch/shell script that connects lparse and smodels. Please see the User Guide for more information and a Linux example.


1. Where did the name come from?

"Grom" means "thunder" in Polish. We hope that the IDE, owing to its standarization and extensibility, will be like a thunder a mong the Answer Set Programming community.

The "i" in front stand for two things:

  • "IDE, Integrated Development Environment", and
  • "We want our project to have a fighting chance in Google searches".

2. Who are the authors?

The original author for the code, documentation, and practically everything else is Mikołaj Koziarkiewicz. The creator of the non-logo graphics and icons is Paweł Heniec.

3. Speaking of graphics, why is the logo so ugly?

Due to the name change of course. Honestly, we appreciate any and all contributions in this regard, the sooner we change it the better ;).

4. My question was not in the FAQ.

Depending on what you want, if you are a: